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How to Market Your Hospital During American Diabetes Month


As a hospital, remaining relevant at all times is a high priority. There are certain times of the year when connecting with your audience is even more beneficial to building your brand, retaining patients, and recruiting new ones. In addition to concentrating on your external audience, being able to recruit physicians and other healthcare professionals for your internal operations is just as crucial.

How can you tailor your hospital marketing tactics to your audience?

One way to effectively market your hospital is to concentrate on important events that cultivate active engagement with an interested audience. How?

Make Your Online Marketing Impactful

Having an online presence is crucial to reaching patients. Your website must be interesting, relevant, and engaging. During American Diabetes Month, your blog should feature relevant information about diabetes, including fundraising activities, special events, little-known facts, and other pertinent information. You can even link to the American Diabetes Association site to help position you as an industry leader. Posting relevant information regularly can help you rank better on search results and will ultimately get your website seen by more browsers.

Communicate with Your Audience on Social Media

Social media channels like Facebook and Twitter can help you build a relationship with new and existing patients. Engaging with your audience on these types of platforms helps you stay relevant; it helps you build authority on the topic at hand; it helps you reach people you might not otherwise have access to; and it helps you get the word out about events and information you want people to know about.

Starting relevant conversations about the importance of diabetes awareness, and how it can affect you or your loved ones, is key. When you initiate a conversation about a topic people care about – like diabetes – you’re more likely to build a solid following and get a meaningful conversation going.

Make sure the conversation is started by someone who knows what they’re talking about, i.e. a doctor, specialist, etc. Giving people access to information from a professional can take you a long way in establishing your authority and building a steady following.

Use Effective PR Tactics

Use paid search advertising, blogging, and press releases to bring the press into your circle. Getting the word out is instrumental in raising awareness and getting external audiences engaged and involved.

By actively participating in events and other forums that matter to your target audience, you’ll connect with them on a personal level. And this will ultimately lead to better patient attraction and retention. Tweaking your marketing strategies to target specific audiences and important times of the year can make a notable difference in your participation levels and overall engagement.