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Digital Marketing In Healthcare: What It Is & Why It's Important


Digital marketing is trending upward in the healthcare industry. While traditional forms of outbound advertising like TV ads, billboards, radio spots, and magazine ads are still very effective, advances in technology have made digital marketing increasingly important for hospital and other healthcare providers. Let's take a look at exactly what digital marketing is and how it helps hospitals recruit new patients.

Digital Marketing and Today's Tech-Savvy Patients

A well-thought out digital advertising campaign has never been more important. Digital ads appear on Internet browsers used on smartphones, tablets, laptops and traditional desktop computers. These ads are placed on websites that patients are likely to visit as they search for hospital services and medical equipment.

According to a recent Think with Google study, 84% of patients tap into both offline and online sources when researching hospital services. This study also reports that 33% of those in need of medical services use tablets or other mobile devices every single day to research medical services and / or to schedule an appointment. Hospitals are quickly learning that a steady stream of strategically placed digital ads is key to recruiting new patients.

Search Engine Optimization has Emerged as a Legitimate Inbound Hospital Marketing Avenue

Imagine Robert, a patient, is in need of hospital services or a particular medical device only provided at hospitals. Robert may hop online, go to Google, and search for the service he needs in or near his current location.

The first page of results shown for Robert’s search might feature an array of medical service providers, but one particular hospital appears in the top couple of results on the first page. The hospital ranks so high because its marketing department has ramped up its search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Do not lose sight of the fact that the medical service industry is quite large. There is stiff competition to pull in online search traffic from prospective customers.

Hospital marketing departments that make an effort to incorporate relevant keywords into their website, blog posts, social media content, and other SEO endeavors are more likely to enjoy a steady stream of new business from a wide range of needy patients. As the public's reliance on the Internet continues to increase, SEO and overall web marketing will also grow in importance.

The Combination of Conventional Outbound Ads with High-Quality Digital Marketing Content Is Critical to Success

A successful hospital marketing strategy is all about combining a healthy mix of outbound advertisements like radio ads, TV commercials, and newspaper ads with digital inbound marketing efforts. The beauty of these digital ads is they are cost efficient. It doesn't take much time, effort, or money to post entries to a blog, boost SEO, generate banner ads, and create short videos.

Patients find these digital marketing creations when they actively pursue the services offered by hospitals in their area. Digital marketing really does provide the perfect balance with traditional marketing as it ensures a medical service provider can reach those individuals who prefer to use the Internet to find local healthcare services.

Hospitals that produce high-quality ads and continuously roll out interesting new content can capture the attention of potential patients. Those in need of medical services and equipment are on the prowl for healthcare service providers. Hospitals that display their merit as well as their relevancy in today's rapidly changing medical environment will have an edge on their competitors. Get the competitive advantage your hospital needs by contacting Scorpion today!