Driving Strategy With Data For Franchises

Market Intelligence For Every Location

Scorpion turns data into smarter advertising, website, and customer decisions to grow both your franchise brand and locations.

Scorpion provides franchise brands like yours with data at both the national and local levels so you can see how individual locations are performing and how their performance affects the brand as a whole.

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Connect The Dots Across All Locations

Your franchise locations generate enormous amounts of useful data for your brand each day. Tap into the most relevant insights with Scorpion’s platform that lets franchisors understand what makes the best-performing locations tick.

Roll Up Reporting

Understanding your franchise’s data shouldn’t have to be a manual effort.

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Scorpion’s data dashboards provide franchisors with rolled-up reporting so they can slice and dive information to see how individual locations and the whole brand are performing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Data Strategy ?

    There is no point in spending time or money on a website and online advertising if you aren’t using the right data to make other decisions. A data strategy will help you to know what numbers to track, how often to look at them, and what areas you should spend more time and money on.

  • Why Do I Need Data Strategy?

    A solid data strategy will help you track only the numbers that will actually grow your business. Creating a plan and having dashboards to show you data will save you time and money.

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