• Scorpion Internet Marketing

    "We've never worked with a partner that's so capable and so responsive"

  • Scorpion Internet Marketing

    "NO FREAKING WAY I was expecting one week to be so powerful."

  • Scorpion Internet Marketing

    "Scorpion has empowered us by giving us the information on what's working & what's not"

  • Scorpion Internet Marketing

    My Lord! Please take down the campaign. We can't get to all the work. This is insane :)

    bluefrog Plumbing + Drain
  • Scorpion Internet Marketing

    The team at Scorpion is the real deal.

    They handle every aspect of my online presence. I have yet to find a company in this field with their level of integrity, transparency, and customer service. They just do what they’re supposed to do and then shock you by going above and beyond. Partnering with Scorpion has been my best business decision this year.
    Mr. Appliance, Central Valley and Monterey Bay
  • Scorpion Internet Marketing

    What I love the most is the expertise and level of support.

    The Dashboard has been the best marketing tool we’ve used in the past five years. It’s easy to use and provides the level of detail we need to evaluate all our marketing efforts. The lead tracking pages are fantastic. We can easily see which leads we need to rate or categorize and can refresh my memory about the calls from the recordings. We can make detailed notes so I track who everyone is and when we close a lead we can go back and update to “became a customer” and note the contract amount. This is exactly the information we need to evaluate our marketing ROI.

    What I love the most is the expertise and level of support across the Grounds Guys support team. Our account manager Stephen is timely, thoughtful and responsive. I couldn’t ask for a more professional company to work with.

    The Grounds Guys, East King County
  • Scorpion Internet Marketing

    You have all the pieces of the puzzle.

    I love the fact that everything is under one umbrella with Scorpion. You have all the pieces of the puzzle to make it work: SEO, PPC, Website. So much more powerful. It’s been awesome. I’m so impressed! We’re always on top. I was very impressed with fast customer service.

    Mr. Appliance of Cooper Mountain
  • Scorpion Internet Marketing

    Scorpion has just been a pretty amazing company.

    We signed up for PPC about 2 weeks ago. Dasch, our go to person with Scorpion, has been awesome. He has really watched our ad closely and he sends daily updates about it. We have gotten 3 awesome leads from it so far. Landed one of those leads today which is a $1,900.00 landscape job. We did the $300.00 PPC level and Scorpion does not let your clicks go to waste. If they see that it was a wasteful click, and know that for a fact then they do not take money from you for that click. We still have right at $200.00 of our budget left and its been 2 weeks. Which is pretty awesome. We have decided to cut out some advertising that hasn't brought no where near the return that PPC has and go with PPC.

    The great thing is that they really watch your ad and make sure its not being wasted. They are constantly tweaking the ad to keep it targeted to the right audience. Scorpion has just been a pretty amazing company. Their customer service is above and beyond and you can tell when you talk to them that they care about your success just as much as you do! Our impressions have went from low teens to 96 in just 2 weeks which is amazing. It just shows how hard they work on our ad.

    As far as only 3 calls, they have been good leads and the one we landed today for $1,900.00 that just paid for PPC. They are targeting right areas, because I would rather get just a handful a week of the couple thousand dollar accounts than have my phone ringing off the hook and constantly being dead ends. Anyways, I hope this helps. I would recommend you give it a try but you need to do it for at least 3 months in a row to see the full potential of it.

    The Grounds Guys