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Blake Vaughn is a successful entrepreneur in Dallas, Texas dedicated to helping property owners in his community make the most of their buildings. After buying a Restoration 1 franchise, and launching his own construction business (Patriot Services), Blake relied on a savvy marketing partner to help both businesses grow at the same time.

  • Main Service Area: Restoration and Construction
  • Challenge: Building two different businesses at the same time.
  • Location: Dallas, Tx
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The Challenge

Where most Americans are content working in pursuit of a paycheck, Blake Vaughn yearned for something more:


In 2016, that yearning spurred Blake to action—after negotiating all the necessary conditions with their corporate offices, Blake opened his very own Restoration 1 franchise in August with little more than his determination and his degree (an MBA).

As exciting as ownership felt in those first few days, Blake realized his nascent company wouldn’t grow itself. So, Blake reached out to a marketing company (recommended by Restoration 1’s corporate offices) to bring some attention to his business, investing $2,000 of his own money in a pay-per-click advertising campaign, unsure of the results he could (or should) expect.

At first, nothing happened. The money went to the marketing company but no jobs and no leads came to Blake’s Restoration 1 franchise.
But then something changed...

“I love working with you guys. You’re turning our visions into products and profits. I don’t plan to leave—we have a great working relationship and I want to grow our budget.”

Blake Vaughn, Owner (Restoration 1) and Founder (Patriot Services)

The Solution
1. A trusted marketing partner

“With the success we had seen at Restoration 1, it made sense to have your team help Patriot Services.”

Blake Vaughn, Owner (Restoration 1) and Founder (Patriot Services)

Image of Restoration 1's website on an iPad

2. A website that could contribute to sales.

“Honestly, we just handed you guys the keys to the website and said, ‘go.’”

Blake Vaughn, Owner (Restoration 1) and Founder (Patriot Services)

A screen shot of Restoration 1's "why choose us" page.

3. Marketing that could build a brand in the community.

“The work your team has done has helped our company thrive without the need for any salespeople." 
Blake Vaughn, Owner (Restoration 1) and Founder (Patriot Services)

The Outcome

  • Revenue generated in first 12 months of business $400,000
  • Total revenue generated in 2018 $1,400,000
  • Total ROI Blake sees per $1 spent on marketing $12 to $15

As fantastic as the financial returns have been for both of Blake’s businesses, the thing he appreciates most about working with his marketing partner is the exceptional customer service—whatever Blake needs, he gets.

In the coming months, Blake plans to ask his marketing partner to help with Patriot Services’ expansion into the roofing industry by way of a smart pay-per-click advertising strategy, the creation of display advertising to improve branding and increase traffic, the deployment of income-based lead mapping, Google My Business, Gmail advertising, and more...

Why is Blake asking one marketing partner to do all of this instead of shopping multiple vendors?

Because Blake doesn’t want multiple vendors; he wants one vendor he can completely trust.

Hear from Blake Vaughn

"Scorpion is less like a marketing partner and more like an in-house extension of my companies—your team is constantly introducing new, proactive ideas and opportunities. You’re highly responsive, you do weekly calls to go over important analytics, target keywords, and really keep us at the forefront of the industry."

Blake Vaughn Owner and Founder (Patriot Services), Restoration 1
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