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Go Mini’s® is one of the fastest-growing portable storage and moving companies in North America. But with a disjointed digital presence and inconsistent branding, the franchise was struggling to get the online exposure it needed. Find out how Go Mini’s CEO Michael Lohman and his new marketing partner turned things around for the brand.

  • Franchise Industry: Storage and Moving
  • Challenge: Maintaining a unified digital brand & ranking in organic search
  • Location: Simi Valley, CA
The client's website on 3 mobile phones.

The Challenge

As one of the fastest-growing portable storage and moving companies in North America, Go Mini’s® is giving its billion-dollar competitors a run for their money.

After converting from a dealer licensing organization to a franchise in 2012, the brand has experienced about 30% growth in revenue a year and has doubled the size of its franchise network to more than 90 locations.

But as the brand started rising in reputation and market share, its leadership realized one thing…

They were getting left in the dust by the competition online.

Go Mini’s franchisees were operating under their own websites, which was hurting the brand’s organic rankings in Google search and resulting in inconsistent branding.

So Michael Lohman, the brand’s CEO and owner of five Go Mini’s franchise locations, decided it was time to give the brand the digital presence it deserved.

Dumping the franchise’s long-time marketing vendor that was underperforming, he found a new digital partner that could deliver.

“We had to rebuild the entire structure of our online presence so we could create a more unified franchise brand moving forward. It was a challenge, but our marketing partner helped make the process as painless as possible.”

—Michael Lohman, CEO of Go Mini’s, LLC and multi-unit franchise owner

The Solution 
A website structure built for a growing franchise.

“Now all our franchisees’ web pages are consolidated under a single website domain, which has improved our rankings in search engines. We’re also able to customize our website to each visitor’s location, whether that’s showing them different images based on where they are in the country or remembering their zip code. This customization helps us create a better online experience for our customers.”

—Michael Lohman, CEO of Go Mini’s, LLC and multi-unit franchise owner

An image of the client's website on an iPad.

A more diversified digital marketing strategy.

“Our old marketing company was very PPC-heavy. They wanted us to spend all our money on Google Ads campaigns, which was becoming very expensive. In contrast, with our new partner, we diversify our digital advertising, which helps us to be smarter about how we’re spending our marketing dollars.”

—Michael Lohman, CEO of Go Mini’s, LLC and multi-unit franchise owner

Time-saving technology combined with fast, hands-on service.

“When I email my marketing team, I’m all but guaranteed to get a response within 10 minutes. The key difference with our new partner is they talk about the future. They educate us on where the industry is going and where we need to be as a franchise.”
—Michael Lohman, CEO of Go Mini’s, LLC and Multi-Unit Franchise Owner

The Outcome

  • 90+ Franchisees under 1 Website
  • Average search page ranking Page 1
  • Important keywords on page 1 86%
  • More leads than planned 7X

Michael Lohman was able to move Go Mini’s from every-owner-for-their-own marketing to a streamlined strategy that protects the integrity of the brand and paves the way for future growth.

And he says he couldn’t have done it without the help of his trusted marketing partner...


Hear from Michael Lohman

"Our rep at Scorpion has gone above and beyond in his relationship with our franchise. Instead of just handling our marketing campaigns, he’s gone a step further by helping to liaison the marketing relationship between our brand and our franchisees. Working with Scorpion is the best experience on every level, from its innovative technology to its fast customer support. Scorpion is better than any other vendor I’ve worked with."

Michael Lohman CEO of Go Mini's, LLC and Multi-Unit Franchise Owner, Go Mini's
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