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What Makes Customers Come Back?


3 Tips to Keep Customers Coming Back to Your Franchise Business

Inspiring customers to continue purchasing your services is essential for successful business. The process involves offering quality services that provide a satisfying experience and make customers eager to return. An important aspect that companies often overlook in this process is integrating an Internet marketing strategy that encourages customers to return to your business for follow-up services.

Attracting customers, building a lasting clientele, and promoting your business all start with your online marketing campaign. Follow these 3 tips for ultimate success.

1. Offer Quality Services to Attract & Retain Customers Through Online Channels

When a customer is provided with a quality service, they’re much more likely to express their satisfaction than if the service was just so-so (or even worse, if it did not meet their expectations). Quality service goes a long way in building lasting customers, especially when these customers have the opportunity to rate or review your business online.

Through online channels, satisfied customers can reach more than just the friends and family they might otherwise tell about your services. They’ll also be able to reach an audience that includes potential new customers looking for a service provider such as yourself. Providing quality service is about more than a one-time relationship with the customer. It’s about creating a lasting relationship that can help build your credibility – and ultimately your success – online as well.

2. Provide Customers with a Great Experience Online Before They Ever Walk Through Your Business Doors

The relationship you build with your customers doesn’t always start at your storefront. In fact, many consumers today rely on search engines like Google when searching for businesses and services. And in doing so, they’ll likely land on your website before ever calling the office about your services. As such, it’s critical to provide potential customers with a great online experience if you want your phones to keep ringing and the leads to keep coming in.

To give your website visitors the best experience, make sure they can:

  • Quickly identify who you are, what you do, and how to reach you – these components should be prominently displayed on the homepage of your website
  • Easily access a contact form that can be submitted online – prominently displaying your hours of operation near the contact form is also a good idea
  • Seamlessly navigate around your website – make sure load time isn’t slow and your navigation panel is clear

When people have a positive experience on your website, they are more likely to contact you and ultimately hire your business for the services they need.

3. Maintain a Strong Online Presence to Outshine Your Competition

A smart business owner stays on the cutting edge of business by keeping an eye on competitors and continuing to improve and innovate. Even your most loyal customers could switch to another company if they believe it offers a better service than what you’re providing. The fastest way to reach a wide audience about the new services and offers you provide is online. It’s certainly where your competitors are marketing themselves; and it’s where you need to be marketing yourself as well.

Relationships with customers should continue long after the person leaves your building. Whether through a smartphone or a laptop, many people are constantly connected to the Internet and expect to have access to information about your business at all times. Marketing online using a website and social media is an important aspect of even the smallest companies. Having an online presence allows you to interact with new and existing customers and give them quick access to essential information about your business.

Tips for using social media to outshine your competition:

  • Add images of your business and staff that allow online browsers to connect with you and your company
  • Establish your business as an authority that web browsers want to listen to by posting about current news and local events
  • Start a conversation online that gets potential and returning customers talking (and consequently thinking about you and your business)
  • Create and integrate helpful resources such as your own YouTube how-to videos

Is Your Website Helping or Hurting Your Customer Relationships?

Providing customers with a quality service and excellent customer support takes a lot of work. Maintaining a solid online presence can help in your efforts to not only attract new customers but keep the ones you have from going elsewhere the next time they need similar services.

Want to know how your franchise can make a stronger impression on social media? Check out this free guide.