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3 Ways to Boost Your Franchise Marketing Strategy


Franchise marketing is more than promoting a brand name. Unlike small business advertising, franchise marketing necessitates a dynamic relationship between the franchise, franchisees, and consumers. If you feel like your franchise marketing campaign has plateaued, check out the following guidelines to reboot your strategy and promote growth.

Find the Balance Between Branding & Local Marketing

Your operational playbook delineates the values and practices that make your brand unique. These rules should leave room for the needs of local markets too, allowing franchisees to adapt to specific communities and markets.

Take a step back and make sure you’ve found the right balance between branding and localization. Does your playbook allow franchisees to cater to the local community? Are your guidelines so vague the voice of your business gets lost at the local level?

Evaluating your operational playbook:

  • Does it give you oversight and control when needed?
  • Does it allow franchisees to adapt to local preferences?
  • Does it provide flexibility and yield to franchisee needs?
  • Does it allow franchisees to take hold of their own success?

If your marketing strategy doesn’t fit this bill, find new ways to strike the right balance between the needs of your local market and franchise branding (we can help!)

Facilitate Mutually Informed Communication

When it comes to effective franchise marketing, you need an accurate method to gauge the success of each franchisee and the brand as a whole. In order to do this, you must bridge the gap between each piece of your franchise network. How? By creating a common vocabulary that everyone in your network can use to communicate with each other. This vocabulary should be quantifiable data.

Armed with raw data about each franchisee, you can pinpoint successful strategies and places that need improvement. This allows franchisees to speak a common language and hold educated conversations about brand performance at the local level.

Data used to measure franchise performance:

  • Lead acquisition and trends
  • Performance of paid search
  • Feedback from customers

Invest in Local Search Engine Marketing

Don’t overlook the power of online marketing. Building a strong brand is only half the battle; your individual franchises should establish a local online footprint as well. Searching for “sushi restaurants” in Los Angeles will produce different results in Google than looking up the same query in Chicago. Through local SEO (search engine optimization), you can build an online presence for customers in specific geographic areas.

Elements of a successful local online campaign:

  • Informative, unique, useful content
  • Locally relevant content and blogs
  • Local press and media coverage
  • Web pages that target local users
  • Paid search and compelling landing pages
Your franchise is unique. Don’t settle for a cookie-cutter strategy. For the best results, take the time to find the right campaign for your brand using both corporate and local marketing. Implementing the right marketing strategy is the best way to ramp up your franchise’s brand and facilitate growth.