The Best Communication Tools For Your Dental Practice

Scorpion technology connects you with your patients and employees with ease and speed. From online scheduling and live chat to team messaging, we have you covered so you can grow your dental practice.

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Fast & Reliable  Patient Communications

Your patients want options when it comes to working with you at your dental office. They want it to be as simple as possible to schedule an appointment for routine cleanings or get answers to a question about tooth pain.

With Scorpion communication tools, your patients get the speed and experience they need and want from your dental practice.

“Before, my schedule was spotty, which was frustrating because I had to spend all day at the office just to see a few patients. Now, I get to pack my day with patients. Every dollar I spend with Scorpion is a chance to be more effective in my business."

Dr. Chris Eastman Eastman Dental Care

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Live Chat & Texting For Your Patients

With live chat and texting, your patients can get a hold of your dental office instantly. This helps bring a good patient experience and also links to your other technology for patient relationship management, scheduling, and other patient tools.

With Scorpion, you get the best in live chat and texting technology. Send appointment reminders to your patients, answer questions, and get other automated options to help save you time.

The Best Online Scheduling  For Your Patients

Online scheduling is a great service that gives patients confidence that they are working with the best. It is also a great way to automate the scheduling of appointments without the need to hire more office staff.

Scorpion online scheduling technology provides a quick easy way for your patients to schedule time with your dental office. It also integrates directly with your website and mobile app for ease of use.

Email Marketing To  Gain Patient Loyalty

One of the best ways to get long-term patient loyalty is to keep in touch with them. Having email marketing to share a newsletter, a note on their birthday, or a seasonal promotion can help you stay connected with your patients.

Scorpion technology and our team will set up email marketing that inspires confidence and loyalty from your patients. Our easy-to-use system is designed to match your brand and website to provide a great experience with results you can trust.

"Our marketing team at Scorpion is really like an extension of our practice. I sometimes forget about my marketing because I know it’s being taken care of. With our team being so good at what they do, we’re able to just focus on treating patients."

Shandra Pepper Adventure Dental

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Communications Technology?

    Communication technology is a way to connect frequently with your patients without the need for extra employees. Providing tools like live chat, online scheduling, email marketing, and team messaging can help ensure your practice is running smoothly. Your patients will thank you when you invest time and money into communications technology.

  • Why Do I Need Communications Technology

    When someone is looking for your dental office or a current patient has an issue, they want to get a hold of you as quickly as possible. Communication technology provides speed and flexibility with tools like live chat, online scheduling, texting, and email marketing to keep your patients happy. Those tools can also link to your patient relationship management software for future reference and help make using your practice a smooth process.

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"I get to pack my day with appointments, which is a more productive use of my time, not to mention more financially lucrative for my practice. Every dollar I spend with Scorpion is a chance to be more effective in my business."
Chris Eastman Dentist, Eastman Dental Care
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