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Episode 1: Massage Heights

In this episode of Get to Work, Bone and Jill travel to San Antonio, Texas to learn how Shane and Wayne Evans—Co-Founders of Massage Heights—grew a single-location massage business into a nationwide franchise with more than 140 locations. Watch as Bone and Jill try their hand at performing some of Massage Heights signature services, before blowing off some steam by playing tug-of-war with a few lions at the San Antonio Zoo.

20:56 mins | May 15, 2019
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Shane Evans

About Massage Heights

The idea for Massage Heights came to co-founder Shane Evans in 2003, after she walked out of a disappointing (and expensive!) spa experience in Sedona, Arizona. Convinced she could create a better business truly dedicated to the well-being of its customers, Shane invested $250,000 to open her very first Massage Heights location in San Antonio, Texas. Today, Massage Heights is considered a premium brand in the massage industry. Each of its more than 140 locations aims to elevate the lives of customers by caring for the mind, body, and spirit at the same time.


Meet The Hosts

Meet Bone

Chief Legal Officer

Michael “Bone” Sauer, nicknamed for his skinny frame as a teen, is Scorpion’s Chief Legal Officer by day. When he’s not working on being a legal machine, Bone is ALWAYS working on a new certification. He is currently working on his pilot’s license as well as many other certifications that will be beneficial in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

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Meet Jill

VP of Media Development and PR

Around Scorpion, we call Jill Wilson “Wonder Woman”. In addition to being Scorpion’s Director of Media Development and PR, she’s a married mother of a 3-year-old boy (Kal), and a former investigative reporter with a passion for old-school journalism.