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We’re looking for hard-working, motivated individuals to join our team and help us in our mission of empowering our clients.

Why Scorpion

A Place to Learn, Grow
& Challenge Yourself

Scorpion is more than just a company or a team—we’re a family. If you’re interested in working in an environment where you’ll be able to learn, grow, and face new and exciting challenges alongside incredibly capable people, that’s Scorpion.

Our employees share a common purpose of being the best at what they do, becoming thought leaders in their fields, and constantly pushing the envelope. We offer amazing perks, career development opportunities, collaboration, and a sense of personal and professional accomplishment. You'll likely forge friendships that last a lifetime.

Generous Benefits

Just a Few of Our Perks

  • Paid Medical, Dental, & Vision Insurance
  • Free Cell Phone
  • Fully Staffed Restaurant & Barista Bar
  • Fitness Center & Basketball Court with Lockers & Showers
  • Paid Time Off
  • Employee Development Courses
Scorpion Stories
  • “I love the culture. I love the people.”

    When Travis Carter joined Scorpion, he was the 85th hire at what is now a company with nearly 800 employees.

    Travis moved his way up from Regional Sales Director to Vice President of Sales, and then again to Senior Vice President of Sales. He was the first member of Scorpion’s home services sales team, and he’s since assisted in the team’s expansion and development.

    Travis says what’s kept him around for so long is the essence of who Scorpion is as a company.

    “I love the culture. I love the people. Considering that words of affirmation is my love language, all the love, camaraderie, encouragement, and acknowledgment I get from those I work with has been right up my alley and has caused me to thrive,” Travis said.

    Travis says he also appreciates how Scorpion invests in its people — not only pouring resources into making employees more effective at their jobs but also helping them to grow as professionals and achieve their long-term goals.

    Travis Carter
    Senior Vice President of Sales

  • "My years at Scorpion have been the best of my life."

    Ally Onda has been working at Scorpion since 2015 and has considerably advanced in her career during that time. For Ally, one of the biggest things that has spurred her professional growth is the support of her work family. According to Ally, her teammates push her to be the best version of herself, and they’re always willing to roll up their sleeves and help in any way they can.

    Ally says she has also benefited from having a job where she can use her creativity:

    “I appreciate that there’s absolutely no monotony in the work we do everyday because there’s a huge emphasis on thinking outside the box and trying new things. Innovation comes from every corner of the company and nobody’s ideas are overlooked. The brilliant minds and technology we work with make it possible to take great ideas and quickly build them into systems people use every day.

    Between the people, the opportunities, and the rewarding projects that I’m fortunate enough to work on, my years at Scorpion have been the best of my life.”

    Ally Onda
    Senior Director of Mixed Media Strategy

  • “Our passion for self-improvement is essential to who we are.”

    Anthony has been with Scorpion for over a decade and was part of the team that set the guidelines for what the company’s culture would ideally become as it grew: innovative, focused on personal development, and filled with people who love what they do. If anyone encapsulates this vision of what it means to be a Scorpion, it’s Anthony. After starting with the company as a content writer, he studied to improve his skills as a developer and worked his way up to his current role. Anthony says being surrounded by teammates with the drive to improve themselves and the company’s products makes every workday exhilarating.

    “When I started at Scorpion, my technical knowledge began and ended at ‘try turning it off and on again.’ I now get to spend all of my time improving our core technologies, building exciting new products to help our clients grow their businesses, and finding ways to innovate our entire industry. That growth (and all of the hard work and late nights of studying and trying new approaches) is my proudest accomplishment.”

    Anthony Ramirez
    Senior Systems Developer, MCSA

  • “I feel involved in the company's success.”

    When Hayley Smith joined Scorpion, the company had less than half of the employees it does today. And yet, she says the culture feels as tight-knit as the day she started. According to Hayley, this supportive culture has helped her develop her professional skills, and it has also fostered a more innovative and productive work environment.

    “Scorpion doesn’t accept the status quo. We’re always pushing ourselves to be better to the benefit of our clients and our teammates, and Scorpion does an outstanding job of encouraging and supporting our development,” Hayley said.

    “Another thing I love about my job is the fact that I feel heard and respected. My leaders ask for my opinion, and I feel involved in the company's success. We work hard, but we also take the time to celebrate achievements together, which makes them feel all the more rewarding.”

    Hayley Smith
    Senior Internet Marketing Manager

  • “Everyone at Scorpion has common goals and works together to accomplish them.”

    After starting at Scorpion in 2017, Elena has consistently advanced in her role and now leads a team of creatives in producing client work, as well as in developing their own skills. Elena says she’s appreciative of the company’s leadership for lending her their time and knowledge, and she looks forward to providing the same support to other team members who want to advance their careers. She also counts this team-focused, push-the-envelope attitude as one of her favorite parts of the job:

    “Every day, I look forward to working with driven, motivated colleagues who all want to reimagine what we can do for our clients. Their success is genuinely important to everyone working on their campaigns, and I know that every single person who touches a project is putting in their best effort.

    Scorpion is also truly one of a kind when it comes to innovation and change. The pace at which we move requires our people to be adaptable, tenacious, and willing to push past their comfort zones—all qualities that are key to success. I feel so lucky to have been hired by such an innovative, unique, and generous company.”

    Elena O'Sullivan
    Director of Creative Development

  • “The company’s emphasis on collaboration has made my team feel like a second family.”

    Beginning her career at Scorpion in 2017 as a Marketing Assistant, Heather eventually approached her team about transitioning to a design role. She has since risen through the ranks to lead her own team of designers, which she counts as one of her proudest accomplishments and most rewarding experiences. Heather says switching her role was a challenge, but that Scorpion’s culture helped her realize what she was capable of and how much can be accomplished when people work together.

    “Scorpion has created an environment that is constantly challenging you to be better and achieve more than you thought was possible. But nobody is expected to take on these challenges alone. I know I can always count on my coworkers when it comes down to crunch time,” Heather said.

    “The fact that every team member has each other’s back is also hugely beneficial when it comes to improving our processes. Everyone’s ideas are respected, which encourages the best solutions to rise to the top. It’s pretty cool to see your ideas come to life, and it’s encouraging to know your voice is being heard.”

    Heather Andrews
    Director of Design

What We Stand For

  • A Seat at Their Table We earn the trust that invites us into our client's business strategy and sometimes a family meal.
  • An Infinite Toolkit We're committed to stay ahead of the curve through innovation with a growth mindset - we never settle for status quo.
  • A Team of Tenacious Doers Where others would have given up, we persevere. With agility, strength and passion, we will run through walls in order to solve problems.

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  • We're sorry, there are currently no openings at this location.

Work for an Award-Winning Company

Scorpion is a force to be reckoned with, and it shows in the awards and recognition we’ve secured through the years. Apply today!

  • Inc 5000 Award
  • 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials Award
  • Great Place to Work 2017 Award
  • Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Award