Rustin Kretz

Chief Executive Officer

Scorpion is the result of Rustin's vision. Its continued success is the result of his passion. From the beginning, Rustin's dedication and leadership have provided the driving force behind Scorpion and the foundation for its unprecedented growth.

The company's most recent accomplishment: making it on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in the United States for the sixth year in a row. On the 2016 list, Scorpion ranked at #1402 for achieving 272% growth in annual revenue over a three-year period. This marks a six-year streak of Scorpion being nationally recognized for its rapid growth.

Never satisfied with the status quo, Rustin constantly pushes Scorpion to excel while venturing into new arenas that will extend its impact on the marketplace. He has created a team-oriented environment where the employees are passionate about what they do, work cohesively with one another, and thrive under the challenges of building and maintaining a successful business in today's economic climate. Under Rustin's guidance, Scorpion continues to grow and broaden the number of services it offers each year.

Over the years, Rustin has worked closely with some of the brightest and most creative minds in the internet technology sector. He has consulted for multi-million dollar corporations in the healthcare, legal, and other professional industries. In the late 90s, Rustin was intimately involved in an SBC-funded venture (now part of AT&T) to build online scheduling software for small to medium-sized businesses. Upon leaving this company, Rustin founded Scorpion, forwarding his goal of creating aesthetic designs and effective online marketing solutions.

"If there is one thing that I've done better than anything else in making Scorpion what it is today, it would be bringing in people who share the passion I do about caring for people, for our clients, and delivering above and beyond their expectations. I strongly believe that I have the best group of individuals working here. Collectively as a team, we rally around providing the best support, hearing good testimonies from our clients and knowing that we make a difference in their lives by doing our job so well. It makes working so hard worth every second."

Rustin's Other Passion: Kretz Racing, LLC

Rustin's adventurous and optimistic spirit is well-matched to the sport of horse racing. After a trip to the Kentucky Derby in May of 2010, Rustin began contemplating the idea of owning a Thoroughbred. By the end of the month, he had begun researching local trainers online, at which point he came across Kristin Mulhall. Mulhall's philosophy and attitude matched Rustin's, and she soon found a promising filly in Florida named Westwood Pride. Westwood Pride's success opened the door to an entirely new field and the establishment of Kretz Racing. Rustin tackled this new and challenging arena with the same passion that has made Scorpion thrive.

You can read more about Westwood Pride and Kretz Racing by clicking on the links provided below:

Community Involvement and Charity Work

Rustin has strong ties to the community and is involved in various charitable activities. He makes regular contributions to charitable organizations that work to keep kids off drugs, helps public school classrooms with supplies, helps underprivileged children go to school, donates to wildlife relief, and is an active supporter of CARMA (California Retirement Management Account). CARMA is an organization that raises money to support retired California racehorses. Rustin has also acted as a mentor for young adults, using his own experience to help them in the pursuit of their goals.

Rustin is a lifelong Lakers, 49ers & USC Trojans fan.

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