Peter C. Webb

Senior Vice President of Sales

Peter has been with Scorpion from the very beginning. Peter brings his dynamic spirit of entrepreneurship and business to the sales side of Scorpion Design every day. Over the years, his creative ideas have influenced the growth of Scorpion Design in areas as diverse as website development, advertising, marketing and graphic design.

Peter's proficiency at launching new businesses has been demonstrated as he played an integral part in the forming of teams, strategic partnerships and new product lines for Scorpion. This work resulted in the high quality service and products our customers have come to expect from our staff. He is truly dedicated to each one of our clients he serves and he demonstrates that every day.

"Scorpion’s success is largely tied to our ever-growing family of professionals who understand that our clients ALWAYS come first. This begins at the inception of the relationship and lays the groundwork for a successful partnership. We ensure our client’s are always happy by constantly evaluating and implementing new & unique strategies for each campaign we manage. Our philosophy is simple - do everything we can and work as hard as possible to ensure our clients' success."

Peter strongly believes that when you have working plan in place, you are able to focus on the needs of your own clients while letting us work on all aspects of your online marketing campaign. As all professionals who will play a part in your marketing campaign are in-house, we at Scorpion are able to maneuver and arrange the best team to meet your goals. Peter strongly believes in this philosophy and is constantly pushing to provide higher-quality and stronger marketing strategies for our clients.

“Before taking on any new project, we spend the time to go through the short and long-term goals, determine what is attainable and solidify the best way of achieving it. In doing so, it allows us to have a mutual understanding of the project's purpose and goals. We then build a strategy off of this, taking into consideration their budget, timeline, outcome-based initiatives, how success is measured, existing frustrations, etc. They end up with a tailored plan which is precisely outlined from the very start, so we are all clear on exactly what needs to be done and we can clearly report on our progress towards achieving that goal. Our clients regularly tell us that we are the first partner that has actually met and exceeded their expectations. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing that."

Peter joined Scorpion Design after leaving his position as the President of a general construction company in Southern California. His company specialized in high profile and custom projects for both residential and commercial clients and under his leadership, grew from a small start-up to a multi-million dollar operation.

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