Paul Gordon

Senior Creative Director

Paul brings over sixteen years of production experience to the Scorpion team.

Paul's proficiency in directing, VFX design, editing and technical product development, allows Scorpion the ability to drive cutting edge multimedia solutions into an ever changing media market. Paul, originally turning down the opportunity to attend the Air Force Academy, launched into his career at a young age, diving into commercial production full time. Paul is extremely passionate about exceeding his clients’ expectations, and as a result, has seen tremendous success in the various commercial work he has spearheaded. Paul has also spent many years developing new technologies that are revolutionizing the approach to how the industry creates commercial content.

"Great customer service stems from genuinely caring about people. Scorpion embodies that belief, and I love every second we get to exceed our client’s expectations."

Paul loves to give back to the community and has served as a High School Varsity Lacrosse Coach and student mentor for almost 15 years. He was also featured in Teen People Magazine as “One of the Twenty Teens to Change the World.”

When outside the office, Paul is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys surfing, snowboarding, motocross and hiking. He also loves to write and authored his first book at age eighteen.

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