Michelle Annett

Vice President of Project Management

As Vice President of Project Management, Michelle leads the delivery team responsible for the build out of our most complex sites and marketing campaigns, such as, franchise, national brands and our most aggressive legal clients. She is often the first friend our clients make at Scorpion—and she takes on that role headfirst. Her straightforward honesty often helps her get to know her clients quickly and genuinely. What makes her a great project manager and leader is not just her attention to detail or ability to manage others, but her ability to understand what clients want and what they’re aiming for. The websites Michelle’s team produces are award-winning, but most importantly, they meet our clients’ needs.

Michelle has shaped her delivery team into one of the strongest, most efficient website delivery teams in the industry. Her relentless drive and optimism forms the foundation for our project management style, never allowing us to accept subpar or inadequate results. She believes in building quality sites that are creative, innovative, and achieve our client’s marketing goals.

"I credit the success of my team to the people on it. Every single person on my team strives to do their job better everyday and that shows in their interactions with clients, the sites they build and in their dedication to the collaborative and creative process to produce the best product for our clients."

Experience in TV & On the Red Carpet

Michelle first cut her teeth in project management as a producer for the TV Guide Network. She worked in writing, production, and management for various shows, sharpening her talent for team management and product delivery. She has helped produce everything from talk shows, to reality television and red carpet shows. Her red carpet shows have covered all major industry awards, including the Academy Awards, the Emmys, and Grammys.

She moved on from TV Guide Network to work as a freelance story producer for reality television shows such as Bridezillas and The Great Food Truck Race. Michelle attributes her keen visual eye and marketing skills to the skills she picked up as a post-production storyteller for reality TV. As a story producer working to develop stories to sell to specific audiences, that skill became an invaluable trait that she brings to every site she develops at Scorpion.

But Who Is She Really?

When not creating sites for clients like The Maids, The Dwyer Group, or Papa Murphy’s, Michelle can usually be found cooking. Or eating. Or hiking. As Michelle doesn’t really do anything halfway, she is a talented chef and has her own food blog, The Lucky Penny Blog. More than a few of her recipes have actually ranked on page 1 of Google due to their popularity.

She also loves the outdoors, and is the head of her own hiking club: the Machete Hiking Club. She also goes running during lunch hours with the project management team because, again, she never does anything halfway. Her spare time is spent with her two favorite people in the whole world: her dog Penny and her husband Adam. She would like the writer of this bio to note that she is a professional lion tamer.*

*This cannot be verified, but none of us will challenge her on it. You shouldn’t either.

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