Megan Ramirez

Vice President of SEO

Megan is the Vice President of SEO at Scorpion. As such, she works day-to-day with all areas of the company, focusing on keeping our SEO strategies on the cutting edge. It is Megan's belief that SEO should be a personalized process; she therefore stresses that each client should receive a tailored approach. By working closely with the experts on her team, she is able to craft unique optimization plans for each client—helping to push every client to meeting their individual goals and beyond.


We look at SEO differently than other companies. It's not about what gets you better ranking—it's about providing the best information and real value so that website visitors become new clients. SEO is an ongoing effort to maximize our client’s return on investment, and it requires a lot of work. I think what sets us apart at Scorpion is that we are willing to put in that extra effort to really help a client, no matter how tough a market that they're in. We're not interested in giving SEO-by-numbers or cookie cutter optimization plans. We really take the time to look at each client's campaign and determine the best strategy for them so that we deliver real results that translate into real business.


Megan also works directly on some of the most aggressive, complicated marketing accounts at the company. By working with this team, she helps to develop customized content and marketing plans and personally writes a large portion of the content for these campaigns.

"Our VIP clients really can expect the luxury treatment with our company," said Megan. "We pull out all the stops for them and always live by the philosophy of 'delivering more than the client asked for.' We look for innovative and cutting edge ways to help the campaigns of our VIPs and, in the end, are able to deliver organic rankings and better conversions in some of the nation's most competitive online markets."

When not working, Megan enjoys writing, reading, traveling, and spending time with her husband and two dogs. As an equestrian, she has several championships under her belt, including a World Show Championship while competing in Amarillo, TX.

Scorpion CEO, Rustin Kretz, had this to say about Megan, "She is one of the most dedicated, loyal and caring people I have ever known. I often have to tell her to go home when she is still at the office at midnight or later working on helping her clients. She of course doesn't listen to my advice on the matter. It's no wonder she has so many Employee of the Month awards."

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