Kevin Thomson

Vice President of Internet Marketing

Throughout Kevin’s professional career he has carried a strong work ethic, a drive for excellence both within himself and throughout his team and a commitment to providing the results his clients have asked of him time and time again. He is proud to bring those qualities and many others to his role as Vice President of Internet Marketing to Scorpion Design, its employees and clients daily.

Prior to coming to Scorpion, Kevin worked as a management representative for an entertainment firm tasked with managing the business, financial and personal affairs of its high profile clients. His special area of focus was on tour management of the firm’s musical acts.

"I refuse to see problems. I only see situations where a solution has yet to be found."

From 2006 until 2012, he helped oversee multiple worldwide tours including performances in locations such as Tel Aviv, Moscow and Buenos Aires amongst hundreds of other international locations. This role required a tremendous level of planning, organization, execution and problem solving on a daily basis often in foreign countries further increasing the level of difficulty required in solving problems. Throughout the years, Kevin perfected his ability to interface with hundreds of individuals in different roles that supported the tour and artist to ensure that his clients were safe, happy and the performance occurred without incident. In 2012, Kevin joined the Scorpion team, which has proven to be a fruitful relationship. “I was presented with an opportunity to join a young, very quickly growing organization with the promise of having a direct effect on its growth and development of its employees. It was simply an opportunity I could not pass up.”

In his off time, Kevin enjoys spending time at home with his wife, daughter and 3 dogs. He is an avid Los Angeles Lakers fan and fan of self-development books as he is always looking for ways to improve his own craft and pass that knowledge onto others.

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