Jordan Wilson

Senior Vice President of National Brands

One of the most dynamic teammates at Scorpion, Jordan works closely with our franchise clients and multi-local businesses. He ensures that our clients receive attentive service that meets their needs and exceeds all their expectations. For him, the greatest part of his job is building relationships with the businesses and leaders he works with, from Fortune 500 officers to individual franchisees.

Jordan’s primary calling is determining the specific pain points and ambitions for every person he works with. For Scorpion clients, that means he is both responsive and relentless when it comes to achieving their most important milestones. His naturally competitive nature is part of what makes him a great asset to our franchise clients—he’s always looking forward to the next challenge, the next victory.

Drive by Integrity!

If there’s one thing that defines Jordan, it’s his unwillingness to “band-aid” a client’s wounds. In other words, he doesn’t deliver excuses or empty promises. When he promises something, he commits to it until it’s fully delivered and meets our clients’ needs.

He’s seen far too many businesses get burned and burned out by marketers who promised too much and delivered too little. It doesn’t do people or their businesses any good. That’s why he is relentless in his dedication to our clients, to provide true aid and service that results in their success.

"We landed on the moon!"

- Jim Carrey (Dumb and Dumber)

When He’s Not Working...

Mr. Wilson doesn’t owe his competitive nature to Scorpion, either. When he attended the University of Mobile, he played collegiate soccer and was a NAIA National Champion in 2002. He’s an avid LSU football and Dallas Stars fan, and he is a season ticket holder for the Stars to this day. He also enjoys long walks in the mountains, which he manages to do somehow despite living in Texas.

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