Jeffrey T. Kretz

Chief Technology Officer

Jeffrey is the Senior Systems Architect for Scorpion Design. Each and every application which is built by Scorpion Design and its sister company, Scorpion Technology, has Jeffrey's fingerprint and unique vision. He is responsible for overseeing the development, design and data-structure of all our custom and packaged software and is an expert in technologies such as Microsoft .NET, C#, XML, SQL Server, JavaScript and HTML.

"Jeffrey has years of experience managing and developing some of the most complicated systems and truly has the experience to tackle any technical project. He is a problem solver by nature, so he puts that to use to solve problems with the systems he builds. These end up saving people countless hours and makes people really excited about what technology can do for them."

- Scorpion CEO Rustin Kretz

Jeffrey came to Scorpion Design with over 20 years of technological experience. Prior to his employment at our company, he served as the Director of Information Technology of a multi-million dollar telecommunications company where he led the development of a call center and data management system that housed over 650 million records.

Over the years, he has served as a senior level consultant, senior developer and technology executive. Not only is he experienced in the technological field, but he is passionate – and it is this passion that allows for him to produce high-quality work at an extraordinary speed. "He is always at the forefront of technology," said Rustin. "Not only that, but he continues to ensure that we utilize the best technology and develop the best systems to speed up development and to ultimately have the best product in the industry."

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