Cody Chula

Vice President of Healthcare Operations

Cody is the heart and soul of our Healthcare Marketing team. His efforts and his expertise have allowed Healthcare Operations to meet the need of more than 100 clients over the last decade. As a result of his leadership and genuine care for his clients, Cody’s team has maintained 100% client retention, which speaks to the strength of our healthcare client relationships.

With a background in graphic design, Cody has spent years gaining the knowledge and expertise needed to deliver high-quality websites and client experiences. His team serves a wide array of healthcare clients, from regional hospitals to addiction treatment centers to enormous healthcare networks. He pushes his team to meet the needs of their clients 24/7, creating turnaround times that healthcare providers both need and appreciate.

Experience in Scorpion Operations

Cody has been at Scorpion for more than 10 years, making him one of our senior team members. He started here as a Video Production Manager, fulfilling multiple roles since such as a Tech Support Officer and Website Production Manager. By playing a role in multiple marketing capacities, he is equipped to lead his team to high standards and goals for every aspect of healthcare marketing.

Here at Scorpion, we are both proud and lucky to have Cody working alongside us. It only takes a few minutes with him to realize how much he genuinely cares about his clients’ success and livelihood, and he works day in and day out to ensure they achieve every one of their goals and milestones. His team follows his lead, working tirelessly as a unit to deliver the best possible experience to their clients.

"I strongly believe at Scorpion Healthcare, we don't just build websites – we build partnerships with our clients. Our team of experts work around the clock to deliver the best product possible to each and every customer. This is why I am proud to be a Scorpion and work for this amazing company."

When He’s Not Hard at Work

Despite all that he has contributed to Scorpion through Healthcare Operations, perhaps his most exciting contribution has been the Mistery Crate! Every so often, Cody will raffle out a box of cool gadgets, collectibles and odds n’ ends. Thankfully, the winner of the Mystery Crate is only subjected to a tiny bit of jealousy and envy throughout the day. Though he has little free time, Cody spends his life outside of work snowboarding, hiking, and spending time with his family.

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