Christina Sauer

Chief of Staff

Christina serves as Chief of Staff at Scorpion and plays an integral role in all aspects of client development and operations. Christina is known for the passion she has for the company and her constant desire to provide clients with VIP service. She is constantly striving to push boundaries and she is a leading force in creating an atmosphere at Scorpion where nothing is impossible.

"No matter how small or how big, every client should be treated the same," said Christina. "They should get the best. The goal is to make a client have the overwhelming feeling that they made the right choice by coming to Scorpion. They should feel the wow factor from everything we're delivering – from the aesthetics of their new website design to the customer service to their finished product that we want them to be proud of."


Scorpion is able to exceed expectations and go above and beyond the normal limits because of the individuals who make up our team. Everything goes back to the people who make up Scorpion. We are passionate about our work and come in every day ready to excel. I love that. I love that I get the opportunity to work with great people who really care about the company and their clients.


When not working, Christina's greatest passion in life is her Glock 35. She is an avid gun enthusiast and loves to spend her weekends at the gun range. She one day hopes to become the world's first female Handgun Combat Master. Scorpion CEO, Rustin Kretz, had this to say about Christina, "I know I speak for everyone when I say Christina is the embodiment of Scorpion. Her incredible commitment, passion and care are second to none. She fights to constantly achieve what we call a Perfect Launch, and ensures that she'll do anything it takes to make sure our clients love working with us."

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