Brian Blades

Senior Vice President of Sales

Brian is one of Scorpion’s founders. He has spoken at Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminars and bar association meetings, teaching attorneys from small and large firms about the value of website marketing. Brian has a strong emphasis in helping criminal defense firms and oversees customer development within that area.


This business is all about relationships. Nothing gets accomplished without strong communication and a dedication to understanding the desires and expectations our clients have. I have spent years working with businesses that were looking for the magic formula to success while never finding it because they simply weren’t working with an organization that intimately understood their goals and how to achieve them. As a result, they were never kept apprised of the changing business climate, their incoming competitors or new products and services that could benefit them. This is what I truly believe makes Scorpion Design different. We are innovative and driven in ways no other company can match. The decision to put your firm's online marketing needs into our hands is enormously significant and we take that responsibility very seriously.


Brian is an important member of an extraordinary sales team at Scorpion Design. His 15+ years of experience with the company's products and marketing strategies has brought continuous growth and education to the entire team while helping it to achieve unprecedented success each and every year. Prior to helping form Scorpion Design, Brian served our country in the Marine Corps during Operation Enduring Freedom.

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