Anthony Ramirez

Vice President of Technical Services and Training

Anthony is the Vice President of Technical Services and Training at Scorpion. He works with all client-facing technical staff in the company, ensuring they deliver the industry gold-standard service for which Scorpion has become known. In addition to this, Anthony coordinates the educational development and training of all staff at Scorpion, with a goal of creating a seamless, far-beyond-expectations experience for any Scorpion client.


I believe in delivering the best service our clients have ever experienced and leading the teams I work with to do the same. A core part of our culture is that we never accept anything less than perfection. We don't believe in "impossible." If we let "impossible" stop us, we couldn't give the incredible service to our clients that we do today.


Since he was 15, Anthony has worked 50 to 60+ hours a week in a plethora of different jobs, all centered around people and service. He learned two incredibly important things that were true of all of those jobs (and the Internet Marketing industry today): helping people is fun—delivering above-and-beyond service is even better.

Over the years he has been at Scorpion, he has lived and breathed the work of thousands of projects, handling many different facets including technical and design development, as well as a combination of marketing and content development. This has helped give Anthony a unique insight into what it takes to make the partnerships Scorpion forms with our clients extremely successful. He used all of this experience to lay the foundation of our entire quality control process and in teaching Scorpions how to deliver world-class service to every client.

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