Meet the Scorpion Family

Our Vision: Dream Big, Then Make It Happen

Redefining your internet marketing starts with rethinking what’s possible—a mission few companies are willing to take on. At Scorpion, it’s a project we embrace with open arms. Fueled by a common desire to deliver the best of the best, every member of our team is committed to creating a company culture that can’t be found anywhere else.

“Scorpion is a company that is founded on hard work and a competitive spirit to win for our clients. It's also founded on the principle of delivering more than expected. I believe in building a business with a foundation of service. Many competitors think profits first, customers second. I believe profits must be secondary and they will come if you deliver a better product, better service and focus on your life-long client first.” - Rustin Kretz, CEO

Scorpion is a company that is 100% client-focused and results-oriented because we believe that our success is only found in your success. At Scorpion, our specialists fight for our clients to win their space. We see ourselves as genuine partners with everyone we work with.

When you work with us, you’ll always speak with the same point of contact, someone you’ll know by name and who will get to know your business inside and out. In fact, it’s not unusual for our team members to become friends with our clients over the course of time because of how often we spend talking and working with them.

Settling for the status quo is not in our playbook. “Average” and “good enough” are not in our vocabulary. From the culture we’ve created at the office to the relationships we build with our clients, we live by the idea that Scorpion is more than just a job: It’s a way of life.

At Scorpion, our credo is simple: “Dial it up!” - Are you ready to "dial it up" in your career? Visit our Careers page to see available positions.

Our Culture

“Dial it up” is the beginning and end of our credo. We take big ideas and turn them into realities. We push the limits on what’s possible in the internet marketing world. We find joy in our work, and we never invest less than our all in the products and services we deliver to our clients.

Our Philanthropy

We’re committed to doing things that matter – for our company, for our clients, and for the community at large. Scorpion Cares was created in 2012 as a way for our team to contribute to local and national charities. Through event sponsorships, charity competitions, and employee volunteering, we’re always finding new – and fun – ways to give back.

Our Philosophy

At Scorpion, our passion is our drive. It’s what gets us up in the morning; it’s what fuels us throughout the day; and, ultimately, it’s the foundation of every product we deliver and every relationship we create. In essence, our philosophy is built upon the notion that passion will act as the basis for everything we do – and the results will be the best the industry has to offer.

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