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Scorpion Employee Gives the Gift of Music to Children Across the Globe


Did you know children who study music become smarter, increase their social skills, are more likely to avoid drugs and alcohol, and graduate within the 90th percentile?

The point is music matters.

Once a month, Scorpion takes the time to recognize an employee from each of its departments. Chosen by their peers, Scorpion employees of the month (EoMs) are celebrated within their departments and the company at large, and one will be randomly chosen to donate to a charity of their choice on behalf of Scorpion.

For the month of November, Scorpion System Administrator, Daniel Garza, was chosen to represent the company’s philanthropic initiative for the month. When tasked with determining a group where a donation would have the farthest impact, he chose Hungry for Music.

Hungry for Music was first established in 1994 as a charitable organization with a focus on supporting musical education for those with an interest in learning. With a simple mission (“To Give Musical Instruments to Kids in Need. All Over the World.”), the passion of Hungry for Music is clearly evident; music is not only critical for children’s education, but it’s critical to life. Building self-esteem, confidence, and granting those who excel the power to overcome difficult circumstances, music can and does save lives.

According to Founder and Director, Jeff Campbell:

“Hungry for Music's purpose is to embrace the positive qualities of music: its ability to create community, to inspire, to express a talent, to unite, and most importantly, its ability to heal."

Within 23 years, Hungry for Music’s purpose has been a global one, delivering more than 10,000 instruments—everything from guitars, trombones, violins, and xylophones—to children across 48 states and 20 countries.

On why the subject of music education felt so near to Daniel’s heart, he had this to say:

At 14 years old, I received my first guitar. I can still remember the excitement I felt then and it's a feeling that has stayed with me through the years. Music enriched my life with new experiences and friendships formed through a common bond. Today, music continues to be a unique form of self-expression in my life. I was lucky enough to have access to music as a child, and I believe every child should have the same privilege.

Whether it’s a monetary contribution or an old instrument collecting dust in your house, Hungry for Music accepts donations in a variety of mediums. To support Hungry for Music and music education, donate here.

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