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Scorpion Donates to the Children and Families of the Michael Hoefflin Foundation


The health of a child is the highest priority for any parent. Which is why when Michael Andrew Hoefflin began to experience flu-like symptoms at the end of kindergarten—symptoms that never seemed to go away or improve—Michael’s parents knew something was wrong.

For months of his life, beginning at the age of 6, Michael would battle PNET/medulloblastoma—an aggressive form of cancer—again and again, undergoing treatments, surgeries, and procedures that no one—particularly a child—should ever be forced to endure.

Despite the severity of his illness, Michael never lost his sense of hope and optimism. Ever. And despite the brutal toll on Michael and his family in experiencing periods of remission, only to have the cancer return, Michael was a lion in his courage. Despite succumbing to his illness in 1996, Michael’s family, friends, and supporters created the Michael Hoefflin Foundation (MHF) in his honor with one wish:

To put an end to children’s cancer in all its forms.

With an operating history of more than 20 years, the MHF has provided individualized support, addressing the various ways in which life for families can be disrupted when facing pediatric cancer.

Hearing the call for support, Scorpion—who has worked with the MHF in a variety of charitable capacities—recently chose to donate a living room furniture set to support the Mendez family in an effort to assist the children and families afflicted by cancer.

In 2009, Vicky Mendez was diagnosed with leukemia.

She was three.

Now at the age of 11, Vicky and her family are continuing stronger than ever.

Although the fight against children’s cancer is a challenging one, any form of support can be a tremendous asset to these families, as evidenced by the words of Lety Garcia, Family Patient Liaison at the MHF:

“I am so excited for this family! They’re lovely and we are delighted that your generosity will make a difference to them.”

On the history of Scorpion’s support of the MHF, Gillian Stone, Executive Director of the foundation had this to say:

“In late October of 2013, the Michael Hoefflin Foundation received a call from a company called Scorpion—little did we know that the call would change the lives of many suffering the ill effects of cancer. They are very creative and often find ways to bring a smile to our children’s faces. The Michael Hoefflin Foundation is very proud to call Scorpion our partners in the fight against Children’s Cancer.”

Given the mission of this organization, Scorpion Vice President of Corporate Marketing, Peter Harabedian, understands fully, the gravity of its influence on the lives of those it affects, remarking, “There are few causes in the world as deserving as supporting a child’s health through cancer. Whatever we have to give, we will stand in support of the Michael Hoefflin Foundation.”

If you’d like to make a donation to Michael Hoefflin Foundation in support of the children and families affected by cancer, feel free to do so here.

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