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Scorpions Race Spartan-Style, Fueled by Determination & Teamwork


How far would you go to help out a coworker? Would you be willing to scale walls, trek through the mud, and crawl under barbed wire? That’s how committed our Scorpions are to teamwork! Several of our Scorpion employees teamed up earlier this month to complete the SoCal Spartan Sprint 2016 in Castaic, CA. Check out the slideshow here!

Our Spartan race participants raced 5 miles through the hills of Castaic, getting through 25 obstacles that required grueling physical activity such as climbing, crawling, hiking, and carrying heavy objects. These Scorpions had to muster their strength, push their limits, and work together to reach a common goal: the finish line. Much like they do in the office, our employees didn’t hesitate—they took the challenge head on and succeeded.

“Spartan Races are incredibly challenging, and once you have conquered one, you feel like you can accomplish anything,” said John Daly, Internet Marketing Manager at Scorpion. “This team of mentally tough and physically fit Scorpions set their minds to a goal and truly dominated. We all had an incredible time and forged a truly special bond that will not soon be forgotten. We will all return for next year’s race and the only question now is ‘Who’s coming with us?’”

Enrique Martin, a Senior Designer at Scorpion, said he appreciated having his co-workers by his side.

“This was the strongest that I’ve felt in a very long time, and I know that I couldn’t have done it without my fellow Scorpions,” Enrique said. “It’s very comforting to know that together, we can rely on each other to tackle any obstacle thrown our way. Everyone had the inner drive to achieve greatness, not only for themselves, but for others to succeed as well. Constant improvement, inside and outside of the work place—it’s moments like these that make me truly proud to be a Scorpion!”

As an Internet marketing company that believes in putting our best into everything we do, we are proud to have employees who aren’t afraid to jump right into the action to get the job done. We admire their passion, their stamina, and their teamwork.

Day in and day out, our Scorpion employees help businesses improve their online presence so they can attract more customers and become more successful. Learn more about Scorpion and what we do!