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Scorpion Employee with a Heart for Animals Chooses the ASPCA for Charitable Donation


Trevor Eckhoff, a Junior Systems Administrator at Scorpion, was just 10 years old when he rescued his dog, Lady. She was a puppy that was abandoned at a pet grooming business near his school. He took the home puppy home and asked his mom if he could keep her, which resulted in Lady living with Trevor’s family for 14 years until she passed away.

Trevor changed Lady’s life, and she changed his. That’s what led him to choose the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (ASPCA®) for his Employee of the Month donation.

Each month, Scorpion recognizes several EOMs and then lets one select a charity to receive a charitable donation from Scorpion. Trevor was chosen from the October EOMs to do the honors. As someone who grew up with rescued pets in his home, he found the ASPCA to be the natural choice.

“When a human being is homeless, they have options. When a pet is homeless, they're left to fend for themselves in dangerous environments,” Trevor said. “Many years ago, I found an abandoned puppy, whom I rescued, and she added an entirely new dimension to my life. Even though she's no longer with me, what I learned from her has stuck with me.”

“I feel it's incredibly important for other animals in similar situations to have the opportunity to be rescued and placed in loving homes. I believe ASPCA giving is their all on this front, which is why I chose this organization for my Scorpion Employee of the Month donation.”

The ASPCA, founded in 1866, was the first humane society established in North America and is now one of the world’s largest organizations of its kind, according to its website. The organization works to give pets good homes while also advocating for laws that protect animal rights. In 2015, the ASPCA’s work contributed to the adoption or assistance of about 12,200, with about 4,600 animals being adopted from the ASPCA Adoption Center.

A History of Helping Animals

Trevor isn’t the only member of the Scorpion team who has a soft spot for animals. Scorpion has numerous employees who have pets, are passionate about animal rescue, and who volunteer at community events such as the recent Bow-Wows & Meows Pet Fair. Scorpion was one of the sponsors at the local pet fair, which was held in Newhall in October.

Our Scorpion team is thrilled for the opportunity to help get more pets into the safe and loving homes they deserve. If you would like to make a difference as well, donate to the ASPCA today! To learn more about our commitment to charitable giving through our Scorpion Cares division, read more stories.