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Make-A-Wish Foundation Is Scorpion Employee’s Choice for Donation


Can you think of one person where you work who exemplifies what your company stands for? One person who works the hardest? One person who contributes the most any given month? Neither can we. So, every month, Scorpion chooses over a dozen employees of the month (15 for the month of February, if you want to be exact). Out of those employees of the month, one is chosen at random to have a donation made to a charity of his or her choice.

This month’s chosen employee was Senior Website Developer Anthony Minnaugh, who is part of our VIP marketing team. Anthony’s manager brags that he “has launched 9 new projects and several redesigns this quarter and has handled edits for many more. His attitude has been fantastic and he has been a big reason for our great delivery month in February.”

Anthony chose the Make-A-Wish Foundation to receive his Scorpion donation. This organization grants the wishes of children diagnosed with life-threatening medical conditions.

“I chose to donate to the Make-A-Wish Foundation because I believe in what they do for those struggling through illnesses and disabilities,” Anthony said. “They recognize what each individual is fighting through, and by letting that person experience their dream, they bring a day of true joy to them.

“I have personally been donating to this foundation for a very long time and have been able to see the great work they do firsthand. I am fortunate enough to work for a company that gives me and my fellow team members the opportunity to do what we love each and every day, both at work and at home. I feel everyone should be as fortunate as we are and get to live out their dream, even if it just for a day.”

Want to know about some of our other Scorpions? We encourage you to search the hashtag #IAmAScorpion on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about the individuals working here. Scorpion is no machine: it is a team of people who care and work hard to make a difference.

Become a part of the Scorpion team. If you’re looking for a new career opportunity, apply today.