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Internet or Die: Webby Talks at Scorpion Delivers a Warning to Businesses


Internet or Die.

Those are the three simple words that sum up the Webby Talks presentation delivered at Scorpion’s Valencia, CA headquarters last week. What do they mean? They mean go big or go home. Innovate or risk blending in and being forgotten.

David-Michel Davies, CEO at Webby Media Group—which runs the Webby Awards—spoke to a group of Scorpion web designers, project managers, and other Internet marketing professionals about what it takes to create an online presence that truly stands out to consumers. Scorpion was one of about 200 advertising, media, and tech companies around the world included in the 2016-2017 Webby Talks tour.

The speaker discussed some of the latest Internet trends, research, technologies, and strategies in his presentation titled: “Internet or Die: How the modern Internet forces us to create and invent truly original experiences or suffer the consequences of being overlooked.” The presentation was based on research from nearly 13,000 entries in last year’s Webby Awards, as well as from a survey of 2,000 Americans.

Raising the Bar: The Status Quo Won't Cut It

In his talk, David-Michel drove home the point that Internet marketing professionals need to raise the bar of creativity and innovation, especially at a time when consumers are constantly seeing more of the “the same” in website design and digital marketing.

“The quality of the Internet has really improved,” he said, noting that current technology has allowed even mom-and-pop shops to step up their online game with impressive websites. “That means Internet professionals who are trying to make something bigger and better have to really stand out.

“At the end of the day, it’s no longer just about having a site that’s responsive, functional, and well-designed. It’s about: What’s the meaning of the site? What’s the story of the site? What is the thing that is going to make people talk about it? Why are people going to remember it? Why are they going to go back to it? For us, we think that using emerging technologies, really great storytelling, and great ideas are at the core of what’s going to make that happen.”

Inspiration for Our Scorpions: Being Brave with the Internet

Paul Johns, a head designer at Scorpion, said he found the presentation inspiring.

“I thoroughly enjoyed our talk with David-Michel,” Paul said. “He spoke about the current state of the web—specifically how pre-packaged tools have allowed us to deploy apps and websites faster, cheaper, and with more robust back-ends. I'm inspired to think about what forms the next substantial innovations in web design and functionality might take, and what part I can play in that.”

Jess McClure, Director of Project Management at Scorpion, said she loved David-Michel’s call for web designers and Internet marketers to step out of their comfort zone and take their work to the next level.

“His presentation really opened my eyes and allowed me to see that nothing is out of reach,” Jess said.“Let’s not be scared of innovation, but work harder to be brave with our Internet. By changing our thoughts, we’ll find new innovative ways to stop merely existing on the Internet and start creating websites that inspire others. That’s exactly what we work hard to do every single day for our clients at Scorpion.”

The Webby Talks tour includes a total of 18 cities in 8 different countries. We are honored that the Webby Awards team chose Scorpion as one of its stops on the tour. Thank you, David-Michel, for sharing your valuable insights with our team!

At Scorpion, we don’t just deliver beautiful, mobile-friendly websites, but also sites that tell a compelling story about our clients and help them attract more business. This explains why the websites we have designed for our clients have earned more than 250 prestigious industry awards.

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