Scorpions Fall in Line with New Softball Season

Posted by Kylie Patterson

With the start of a new season, a new team manager, and fresh faces on the roster, the Scorpions entered the 2015 Fall Softball League full of excitement. The stands were exceptionally full for a first game as new fans and old gathered for what promises to be an exciting season for the Scorpion team.

A double-header is always a rough night for players who spend most of their time sitting behind computer screens. Despite the daunting two hours ahead of them, the Scorpions were excited to once again be on the field together. With cooler temperatures already upon us, it was a great night for softball.

Four innings in and already leading 7-4, Online Profile Specialist Brett “Pipes” Piper delivered the first home run of the season. This definitely lit a fire under the opposing Dirtbags as they stepped up their playing to close the scoring gap. But, their valiant efforts weren’t enough to knock down the Scorpions! With the arrival of the sixth inning, Pipes provided Scorpion with another home run! Clearly the MVP of the first game, he brought in another runner with him to secure a solid lead.

With the end in sight and the seventh inning in play, Regional Sales Manager Chris Carlberg proved the third time really is the charm. Three home runs in one game for a final score of 19-14 was an impressive feat by this new team.

While the Scorpions’ stamina failed to impress during their second game of the night vs Hit ’N Run, it still included some impressive playing. Back from a long recovery due to a foot injury, Senior Front-End Developer Michael “Stems” Edwards secured 3 runs when he hit a home run that brought in 2 of his teammates. Head to the Scorpion Facebook page and you should be able to make out a blur as those stems fly across home.