Scorpions Don't Put Baby in a Corner

Posted by Kylie Patterson

The Scorpions headed into the first game of their new division with heads held high and ready to play ball! Senior Front-End Developer Bradley “Baby” FitzGerald set the tone with a home run. Closing out the first inning with a 4-1 lead, the Scorpions were showing just how much they deserved their spot in the higher league.

By the third inning, the Scorpions had hit their stride. Impressively securing a one-two-three inning (a new term for all the fans), things were looking up! They closed out the fourth inning with a 6-5 lead and kept up the barely leading trend in the fifth with a lead of 8-7.

The sixth inning brought with it a little stress for players and fans alike as the Dirty Sox took the lead. Halfway through the seventh inning, the Scorpions were down by 6. Two outs. Bases loaded. FitzGerald once again steps up to the plate. And wouldn’t you know it...he hits a grand slam! These are the kinds of moments that make a softball game that much more fun for all involved. With a home run from Brian Hatch, the Scorpions were tied 15-15 and headed into a bonus inning.

The pressure was on and the stands were tense having never reached this point before. The Scorpions couldn’t pull through and lost with a final score of 18-15. They played a good game and fans can rest assured they will play even better next week!

Make your way to Central Park Field #2 next week to see the Scorpions face-off against Booze on First at 6:15 pm. Become a part of the team (or the fans) by heading to Scorpion and applying today!