Scorpions Bring Home the First Win of the Season!

Posted by Kylie Patterson

Coming off of a loss during the first game, the Scorpions entered this one with a lot more to prove. Once again listed as the visiting team, their pride was on the line. You can’t go home with a 0-2 record!

Facing off against “Who’s Your Daddy,” they took the field as the crowd looked on with anticipation. With a full roster, they were already in better shape than the previous game. What could go wrong?

With one run in the first inning, the Scorpions took on a very modest 1-0 lead. The second inning needed to be their inning! With the bases loaded, Scorpion fans were itching for some magic. True to form, Bradley “Baby” FitzGerald hit a home run and brought everyone in with him. Scorpions took a 9-1 lead and headed into the third inning with their confidence restored.

After successfully getting the umpire to refer to the runs as “baseball points,” the crowd had the mojo flowing onto the field. Prepared for a win, a 14-8 lead heading into the final inning was not a big enough cushion for these Scorpions. With a scoreless fifth AND sixth inning, it was tense in the stands and in the dugout. Would they be able to pull it off? Yes! With a final score of 15-9, the Scorpions get the win!

Join us next week as the Scorpions face the Dirtbags at 7:30 pm at Central Park on Field #2. It’s sure to be an event you won’t want to miss!