Scorpion Softball Back in Action!

Posted by Kylie Patterson

June is a little less gloomy with the arrival of the summer softball league. Scorpion’s team includes executives, writers, salesmen, developers, and more! How’s that for a well-rounded team?

During last night’s season opener, the Scorpions took on opponent Killer Tofu. Plagued by injuries not related to softball, Scorpion was prepared to take the field with only eight players when a Scorpion employee’s wife, and former college softball player, saved the day by subbing in. There was a huge turnout of Scorpion fans with the stands almost at capacity with fellow employees, family members, and friends supporting their team.

Vice President of Sales Brandon “BDog” Wheeler kicked off the season on a high note with a home run in the first inning. Scorpion held a modest 2-0 lead at the end of the first. By the third inning, we were due for another homer and front-end developer Bradley “Baby” FitzGerald did not disappoint! Scorpion took a 9-2 lead.

Long overdue for a good run by the seventh inning and trailing 19-13, VP of Sales John "Grund" Wright hit one right out of the park! Unfortunately, Scorpion could not recover. It was a close game but with a 19-16 loss. Naturally this has added fuel to the team’s fire and they are promising a win next week!

We hope you come out and join us for the next game held at Central Park on Monday, June 8, at 8:45 pm. The Scorpions will be playing Who’s Your Daddy on Field #4.