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Scorpion Participates in the Wings for Life World Run


Early on Sunday, May 3, Scorpions gathered to kick-off an amazing day. With a starting time of 4 a.m. on the Pacific coast, the Wings for Life World Run may have required the team to set their alarms early, but it was for a great cause. As a global running and wheelchair event, the Wings for Life World Run inspires participants to “run for those who can’t” with 100% of entry fees going toward spinal cord research.

Annually, the event starts at 11 a.m. UTC and includes a unique twist: instead of establishing a distinct finish line, the run continues for as long as runners kept going—as long as they aren’t caught. That’s right. 30 minutes after the start, the Catcher Car begins with its speed incrementally increasing every hour on the hour. The winners of the race are, quite literally, the last people standing (or the last to be caught).

“I was initially surprised to find myself waking at 2 a.m. for the Word Run, but I was invigorated by the amount of people participating,” said seasoned runner and Vice President of Client Development Ben Fiandaca. “It was amazing to see so many people come to celebrate this great cause. I am always proud to represent Scorpion Design and it was great to know that we were helping a great charity.”

What makes the race even more remarkable is that it takes place globally in 35 locations. Santa Clarita was one of only two running spots in the United States (the other was in Sunshine, FL); the rest of the runners started from places as widespread as China to Australia to Spain—with each race starting at precisely the same time. This way, runners started anywhere from dawn to day to evening to even later at night.

As running enthusiast and Vice President of Sales John Wright had to say about the experience: “The World Run was an amazing experience. There are not many things that I would get up at 2 a.m. for but running with my fellow Scorpions for a great cause is something I can get behind. Running alongside the rest of the world also added a really neat layer to this race. I can’t wait to run again next year!”