Competition Brings Out the Best in Scorpion

Posted by Kylie Patterson

Scorpions thrive on competition. We love that there are other companies out there looking to us as the benchmark for greatness—it just keeps pushing us to reach higher and achieve more for our clients. We believe in what we are doing, we believe in our clients, and we believe in each other. That mentality sets us apart.

As the Scorpions faced the Borrachos—an appropriately named group of former high school and college baseball players—they were severely outmatched. Did they opt to forfeit? Never! After many of the players put in a twelve hour (or more) day already, they were ready for the competition at 8:45 pm.

The first inning was scoreless for the Scorpions but they managed to hold their opponents to just two runs. True to form, Senior Front-End Developer Bradley “Baby” FitzGerald hit a home run in the second inning. By the third, the score was tied 3-3. Unfortunately, it was one of the few scoring highlights of the game. The Scorpions remained scoreless the next three innings but maintained great attitudes, laughing off their strike outs in the dugout and cursing those pre-game meals that inexplicably slowed them down.

Despite a loss of 21-6, the team’s outlook remained strong and positive. Any other team would have walked away throwing bats and slamming gloves. But not Scorpions. Why? All this loss did was make them want to play that much harder. Next week the roster will be healthy, happy, and ready to dominate the field. Because Scorpions thrive on competition. If they don’t get you this time, they will come back harder, better, faster, and stronger to win during the next round. Will you be there?