Another Good Game for the Fans

Posted by Kylie Patterson

Seven innings can be a long time….or a short time. It all depends in how the game is played. So when Scorpion entered into their matchup against Booze On First with only eight men on the roster, it was their attitude that kept spirits high and made the game fly by.

By the time it was the Scorpions’ turn at bat during the first inning, the visiting team had already scored six runs and had appeared quite chatty with the umpire. A little bias from blue never deterred a Scorpion though! Halfway through, two players who had just been competing in Reno at a softball tournament showed up and the stage was set for a fair game. Fans cheered loudly as the Scorpions scored their first two runs.

During the second inning, the Scorpions held their opponents to just one run. What a difference a full roster makes! By the third, they finally got that treasured home run – that moment the fans live to cheer for. Brian Hatch brought two other Scorpions in with him, bringing the score to a far-closer 7-11.

While the rest of the game would not fall in the Scorpions’ favor, ending with a loss of 15-22, it wasn’t the score that ultimately mattered. In the stands were the wives & children of players, which is normal for any community softball game. But more importantly, in those stands stood fellow Scorpions. From a senior programming specialist in the midst of a massive new system to several front-end developers with full client loads to an online profile specialist hailing from the company’s most prominent marketing team to a VIP project manager and so many more – they all came out to support their fellow Scorpions. That is what the game and this blog series is truly about.

Join the fans in the stands next week as the Scorpions take on the Borrachos at Central Park on Field #4. It’s sure to be a good time and a good game for all.