Scorpion to Host Blood Drive with the Help of UCLA

Posted by Scorpion

On July 17, the team from Scorpion Design will again be working to help the local community by hosting a blood drive with the help of efforts from UCLA. A mobile unit will be coming to the office's parking lot where our very own Scorpion employees will be able to use their lunch breaks to donate blood.

"I went to college at UCLA so it was easy for me to donate blood and platelets on a regular basis," said Kylie Patterson, Director of Marketing, PR & Events. "The people who take your blood are so experienced—it makes the process as easy as possible every time. When I realized we had enough people in our company to hold a blood drive, it was an easy choice and an opportunity that everyone was excited to partake in."

During the summer, blood banks struggle to get as many donations when high school students go on break. Scorpion is therefore to proud to reach out and help give back with a mobile blood drive—especially because many of our own have loved ones who have required blood due to surgeries, car accidents, cancer, and more. During the blood drive, we will also be working with bone marrow registry individuals. All employees who partake will have their cheek swabbed and will be put on a list as potential future matches.

"We are really busy at Scorpion and constantly striving to do more for our clients—but that does not mean that we forget about the world around us," said Patterson. "It is an important part of our culture to give back to our community and people in general. Sometimes, we are fortunate enough to make big changes in the lives of others and this is one of those times. It is always something that we are proud of company-wide."