Scorpion Gives Back with Annual Charity Competition

Posted by Scorpion

Getting into the holiday (and competitive!) spirit, the team at Scorpion is gearing up once again for their annual charity competition. The premise of the competition is easy: the entire company is split into five different teams, each assigned to a different charitable organization. Whichever team is successful in raising the most money wins the competition—although, truly, it is a competition where everyone wins.

"Every year we have an amazing opportunity to work as a team and give back to our community," said Director of Marketing, PR & Events Kylie Patterson. "Last year, we raised approximately $45,000 combined for the Michael Hoefflin Foundation and the SCV Food Pantry. Since we have expanded so much in the last year, we are able to work with five charities to make a difference this time around. We hope to make an equally significant impact on each of them—if not an even greater one!"

The charities have all been selected because they have proven to make a significant impact on the local community. As Patterson noted, "We are honored to help them." With each team being led by team leaders who are coordinating their fundraising efforts, the hopes are high for Scorpion to hit incredible numbers to not only win the competition, but to also make a difference for these incredible charitable organizations.

"I encourage everyone to visit the donation links," said Patterson. "They are connected directly to the various organizations so you know where your money is going. If you only give once a year, I hope you consider giving to one of these five organizations." To visit each team's donation link, please click below!