Scorpion Design Participates in Local Poker Tournament

Posted by Scorpion

On Friday, August 8, several members of the Scorpion team participated in a local poker tournament hosted by HandsOn Santa Clarita, which is an affiliate of the larger HandsOn Network. HandsOn Santa Clarita itself strives to lead the local non-profit community through advocacy, education, and volunteerism.

That Friday, three different Scorpions—Ben Fiandaca, Daylen Farkas, and Peter Webb—all made the final table, with Ben being lucky enough to walk away with a Lady's Night Out Package for his skill with cards.

"At Scorpion, we are passionate about helping out and supporting the local community," said Vice President of Healthcare Operations Cody Chula. "Unfortunately, I am terrible at poker, and I was the first person who was knocked out in the entire tournament. Still, I'm glad that I was able to support such a fantastic cause!"

You can also visit HandsOn Santa Clarita at to learn more about their efforts and get involved.