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An Open Letter to Businesses Starting Up Social Media


At this point, we’ve all seen it... our clients’ frustrations have become our frustrations—frustrations that could truly be avoided, with the proper precautions. What precautions? Glad you asked!

We’ve rounded up some of the most common issues we’ve seen businesses grapple with as they start launching their presence on social media—plus some pro tips on how these headaches can be avoided.

Having No Admin Access to a Facebook Business Page

Facebook pages cannot be created unless they are attached to a personal page. There is no direct login. As such, we highly recommend you create your company’s Facebook Business page yourself (or choose a trusted digital marketing company to help). In doing so, you are the initial Admin and can manage all aspects of the page. You also have the opportunity to assign page roles to other employees.

If only one person has Admin access and leaves the company, the access to your Facebook Page plus the entire community that you’ve worked so hard to build goes with them.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen this happen to clients before: A business partner or trusted employee creates and manages the company page, leaving themselves as the only person with Admin access. This creates major issues if that individual leaves abruptly or on bad terms with the company.

Even if there are additional Editors assigned to the Page, they are not able to assign any new page roles, and they certainly aren’t going to let random people sign into their personal Facebook account to access the business page. So, now what?

In most cases, you may be out of luck. While it’s sometimes possible to work with a Facebook representative to devise a workaround, this isn’t always possible.

Pro Tip: Assign multiple Admins to your Facebook Page, and make sure they are individuals whom you trust.

Having Multiple Social Media Channels with No Login Info

Here’s another typical conundrum: A client finds themselves with multiple Facebook pages, Twitter handles, and Google+ pages—without the slightest idea on how to access them. Unfortunately, if you don’t have any idea who has access to your social media pages, there’s not much that can be done.

At least where Google is concerned, as a business owner, you can contact Google My Business yourself to try and gain access. Just be prepared to go through a rather lengthy process.

There’s nothing worse than having duplicate pages out there, with a following on each, and having no access to those audiences. Not to mention these duplicates can have a negative effect on your SEO efforts.

Pro Tip: Keep a detailed list of all logins ever created for your business and go in periodically to confirm passwords are correct. Share this document (such as in an easily shareable Google Sheets doc) with the same trusted Admins. Also, make sure any new social channel that is created A) gets your approval, and B) is added to the document.

Having a Company Blog with Images Pulled Straight from Google

While individual Internet users may be able to get away with pulling images from Google to post to their personal social media pages and blogs, this is taboo for businesses. Why? Images come with copyrights, and image owners don’t take it lightly when their work is used without their permission. Using an image that is copyright-protected without permission can result in a hefty fine and legal action from the owner.

Pro Tip: Use free image sites, pay for a stock photo service, take your own imagery, or work with a digital marketing company who does all of the above.

Not Working with Credible, Trustworthy Professionals

We’ve already discussed how important it is to give trusted employees access to your social media accounts, but what about when enlisting help from a third party? With the vast number of digital agencies and freelancers out there claiming to be experts, it’s important to know that whoever you are working with is actually credible.

Does the Internet marketing company you work with follow today’s best practices for social media marketing? Are they obtaining proper licensing for photos? Most importantly, if they created your social media handles, are they going to give you access without a struggle? You would be surprised at how many businesses come to find their marketing partners are cutting corners and not giving their clients the access they need.

Pro Tip: Do your research, read reviews, understand what you are signing up for, and ask questions upfront to understand how your potential marketing partner works.

Looking for an Internet marketing partner you can trust? Scorpion can help. Learn more about Scorpion’s social media marketing services!