How to Put Laser-Sharp Precision into Your Lasik Marketing Posted by Scorpion | 9.1.16 4:30pm

What does LASIK surgery do? It takes vision from a blur to 20/20. Why can’t you have the same level of precision in your marketing? You can and you should.

Many LASIK surgeons use marketing strategies but have no idea if:

In many cases, these surgeons may be pouring thousands of dollars into strategies that don’t bring enough new patients through the door, or the right types of patients through the door. If this describes your experience, you may want to consider Internet marketing. With the right strategy and technology, you can take your marketing strategy from hit-and-miss tactics to laser-focused precision. Here’s how…

Better Audience Targeting: Reach the Right Patients

Print ads, television ads, radio ads, and billboards are great for casting a wide net and reaching a large audience. The only problem is you pay for marketing to everyone, rather than just the people who are interested in LASIK surgery. With digital marketing, you can reach people in your area right when they are actively searching for information about LASIK procedures—meaning your services are already on their mind.

Here are a few different ways you can target your audience through digital marketing:

When you target the right audience in the right location and at the right time, you have a much better chance of getting those individuals to convert into new patients.

Transparent Reporting & Analytics: Track Engagement & Results

Another thing you can’t do with more traditional forms of marketing and advertising is track how many people are actively engaging with your marketing piece or ad. Fortunately, there are plenty of metrics you can track with digital marketing, giving you a more complete picture of how your marketing and advertising dollars are working for your practice.

For your website, you can track metrics such as number of visitors, the traffic source (how the visitor got to your site), bounce rate (percentage people who left after viewing just one page), conversion rate (how many people took a specific action after visiting your site), and more. For your PPC ads, you can track the number of impressions (how many times the ad is seen), clicks, click-through rate (percentage of clicks out of the total impressions), cost per click, cost per lead, calls, conversion rate, and more. No more wondering if your marketing is getting any traction—the numbers tell the story!

At Scorpion, we’ve built an innovative digital marketing platform that allows you to track this data and access it all in one place. In fact, our platform is so ahead of the curve that it won the 2016 Google Platform Innovator of the Year Award.

Ongoing Campaign Development: Fine-Tune Your Marketing As You Go

Another great thing about digital marketing is you can refine and improve it as you go! Noticing that a lot of your website visitors are bouncing from your homepage? Make improvements to your design or content to lower that percentage. Notice that your LASIK ads in Google or Bing aren’t generating enough calls from patients in your immediate area? Try fine-tuning your geo-targeting or your ad copy and see if that produces better results. Unlike a print or broadcast ad, you don’t have just one shot at it!

When you hire our medical marketing team at Scorpion, we don’t just create your website and digital marketing campaigns… we track and analyze your results and continually optimize your marketing efforts to get you better results. Contact us to learn more about what Scorpion can do for your LASIK surgery practice!

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