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5 Marketing Strategies Every Law Firm Needs to Know


If you think online marketing isn’t essential for a law firm you’re dead wrong: consumer review surveys show 97% of all consumers find the services they need via an online search.

As a law firm, you need clients as much as clients need you. Without new business, your law firm can’t grow (and it might not even be able to stay afloat). And that’s why you need to seriously invest in attracting potential clients using smart, sound online marketing strategies.

Get started by asking yourself the following questions:

1. What Kind of Third-Party Reviews Do I Have?

As much as 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they believe personal recommendations, and nearly half of all consumers said they would only choose a business if it had at least a 4-star rating.

Which means if you have less-than-stellar reviews on Yelp, Google, or other review sites, you’re 100% losing business because of them.

If you do have bad reviews, address them head-on. Reply to each review thoughtfully and politely. Discuss the issues raised and offer potential remedies. If a review is entirely unfair or untrue, ask that it be removed and explain why—use documentation if you can.

Also, encourage happy clients to leave positive reviews for you whenever they can.

2. Is My Website User-Friendly?

You want your site to look clean, simple, and be easy to use.

Huge blocks of content are off-putting, and when contact information or service options are difficult to find, potential clients will go elsewhere.

Remember, you only have a short period to win new business. Potential clients, especially those of the younger generation, are not patient. If the information isn’t clear and easy to find on your site, you will lose potential clients.

3. Mobile Is the Future – Are You Ready?

More and more people are using smartphones to search for professional services, and that means your firm must have a mobile-friendly site.

If your website is optimized for mobile, consumers are roughly 60% more likely to contact you.

4. How Engaging Is Your Copy?

Good content is crucial.

But what is good content?

Good content is content that’s more than information—it’s engaging as well.

You want your content to take the prospective client by the hand and pull them into your firm.

Demonstrate more than your legal skills, demonstrate empathy and understanding. Tell them what to do next, and why taking that action will lead to a benefit.

5. Have You Considered Chat?

More and more firms are using online chat to engage with website visitors with phenomenal results.

Offering chat is about making client communication as efficient and effective as possible. Firms with a chat feature can answer common new client questions immediately; there’s no lag, no delay, and answers are available 24/7. People love that.

Besides these five big-hitters, think about other key online marketing strategies you might be able to improve upon. Gather client testimonials for your site and make sure your web forms are readily accessible and easy to fill out. If you still aren’t getting the number of clients you need or the types of clients you’d like to work with, start considering what you can do to retarget and remarket.

And if you need it, reach out to an agency that specializes in legal marketing for a free consultation.