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Here’s Why Video Marketing Will Grow Your Home Services Business in 2018


The popularity of video is undeniable.

We watch videos to be informed.

We watch videos to be entertained.

And we watch videos to feel connected.

When it comes to getting your message across to consumers, trust us when we say:

Nothing beats video.

Which is why if you’re a home services professional who wants to dominate your local service area, you need to ensure you’re creating memorable video content.

Video Is the Most Dominant Form of Media. Period.

Did you know the average American spends 5 hours and 4 minutes a day watching TV?

And another 4 to 5 hours on mobile, laptop, and desktop, devices littered with video content?

(By the way, in 2020, 80% of Internet traffic will be video.)

People love watching video content because it’s easier and more captivating to consume than other forms of content, particularly written content.

In fact, 72% of consumers admitted they’d rather watch video than read a piece of text.

Here are few more numbers you should be aware of:

Video Is More Convenient

When you’re busy running a home services business, reading books, blogs, and articles, isn’t an efficient way to educate yourself because reading takes time.

But time isn’t just your precious commodity, it’s the world’s. Your customers and potential customers are just as short on time as you are.

So, why are you trying to reach them with written content?

Video is…

  • Faster and easier to consume

  • Multifaceted, using both sight and sound to captivate an audience

  • More transparent, more memorable, and a more effective way to plant your home services business in the minds of potential customers.

Is it any wonder why there are more than 300 hours of video footage uploaded to YouTube every minute?

Here Are a Few Examples of Great Video Marketing At Work

Dollar Shave Club

It’s personal. The narrator is the actual founder.

It’s funny. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and it play to its target audience; 20 to 30-something males.

It’s engaging. The story never stops and the narrator constantly asks the viewers easy questions to command their attention.

This video thrust a small, mail-order razor company into the national spotlight, and dramatically boosted its sales.


It’s simple. It’s an iPhone being put into a blender.

It’s captivating. You finish the video to the end because you want to see what the phone looks like.

It’s impressive. If that blender can turn an iPhone into dust, what will it do to food?!

This video (which took less than $100 to produce) is one of the primary reasons Blendtec has 7X’d its retail sales.

Panda Cheese

It’s hilarious. It’s a panda who threatens anyone that rejects the cheese...What’s not to love?

It’s unexpected. It subverts the popular image of Pandas being kind and lovable creatures, and the stereotypical, family-friendly tone of other cheese brands.

It’s sticky. Try to explain the commercial to a friend or coworker without saying “Panda.”

When video marketing is done well, it delivers exponential returns. All it takes is a good idea and distribution.

Final Thoughts and Takeaways

Video marketing...

  • Increases your web traffic, engagement, and shares.

  • Offers a personal touch to your visitors inspiring trust, authority, and new conversions.

  • And dramatically boosts your organic ranking on Google by up to 50x.

Today, video not only performs better than any other form of content out there, but it’s heavily favored by your customers. If you aren’t utilizing video already, or you’re looking for a higher-quality asset you can rely on for years to come, thenit’s time for a change.

If you aren’t sure how to get started on producing high-quality video that’s designed to bring in real leads and sales, give us a call.