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Tutor Doctor

Tutor Doctor is an international tutoring company with over 400 franchise locations around the world. Since 2003, Tutor Doctor has operated as a franchise organization dedicated to the single focus of making a difference in lives through education.

  • Client Industry Franchise
  • Challenge Bringing Structure & Unity to Its Franchise Brand
  • Location Locations Worldwide

The Challenge

Move Isolated Franchisees Under the Brand's Umbrella

15 years ago, Tutor Doctor allowed their franchisees free reign in branding their websites the way they saw fit. There was one rule: they had to link to the branded Tutor Doctor corporate website. With time and a growing number of franchisees, this quickly became a problem as the difficulty of uniting these individual entities into a “single camp” increased.

Tutor Doctor wanted their brand to become a household name. But it was losing its ability to dominate the space.

It needed unity, and it needed it quickly.


The Solution

Created a Strategy and Timeline for Transition

Installed a timeline to bring each franchisee URL under the Tutor Doctor brand.

Implemented Restructuring to Align Franchisees

Worked with Tutor Doctor to bring their franchisees into the dominant Tutor Doctor brand using parent/child page best practices.

Brought Consistency to Online Listings

Implemented an overarching cohesion to the brand of Tutor Doctor across all of their online listings.


The Outcome

90% of Franchisees Successfully Consolidated
  • Pageviews (June-October) 95%
  • Leads Per Month (June-October) 115%
  • Franchisee Migration 90%

Within only a few months of starting the migration process for their franchisees, leads for Tutor Doctor increased from 1,808 in June, to 3,899 leads in October. Pageviews have also increased 66% since partnering with Scorpion.

With the restructure of their site, improved SEO, and added paid search campaigns, Tutor Doctor was able to attract higher quality leads while enhancing the combined strength and unity of their overall brand.


Client Testimonial

“We’re starting to see the benefit of that power, of having all of our franchisees in the Tutor Doctor campaign, with their domains hanging off the domain. And that’s been huge. Absolutely huge.” Frank Milner - President of Tutor Doctor

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