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Want to Sharpen Your Marketing Skills? These Are the Top 5 Marketing Podcasts on the Planet


When you’re trying to build and market a business, there’s only one certainty:

You have more to learn.

But when your time is limited, how are you supposed to learn?

You don’t have time to bury your head in books or go back to school...

Enter podcasts.

More specifically, The Top 5 Marketing Podcasts on the Planet:

5. Social Media Marketing Podcast

Social media marketing is important and here’s why:

69% of all U.S. adults are on social media.

That means...

69% of your local customers are on social media.

That’s a lot of people, who are using social media apps every day.

This is where the Social Media Marketing Podcast comes in—a podcast that’s pitch-perfect for anyone serious about stepping up their social media marketing game. Started in 2009, the podcast has been going—and growing—strong for the last nine years.

You’ll learn all kinds of social media tips and tricks, from when to post, to what platform to post on, and how you can make the most out of advertising on these platforms.

4. Marketing Over Coffee

Coming in at 30 minutes an episode, Marketing Over Coffee delivers bite-sized advice about new marketing trends and topics.

The podcast discusses key changes to the marketing industry that you can use to improve your business’ current marketing strategy.

3. Marketing School

If you’ve done any research into online marketing, you’ve probably heard the name, Neil Patel mentioned once or twice.

He’s one of the leading voices in the world of digital marketing, and his podcast, Marketing School, gives listeners quick, action-oriented marketing advice that you can start implementing right away.

It’s the perfect marketing podcast for the busy business owner.

2. AskPat 2.0

Who the heck is Pat and why should I ask him anything?

Pat Flynn is a former architect turned entrepreneur and he’s got a lot of wisdom to share on the subject of marketing.

His show, AskPat 2.0, is a bit different than the podcasts put out by other marketers in that Pat fields questions directly from the audience.

The result is a podcast that is entirely formed around the most common questions and concerns of the listener. So, if you’ve got a question about marketing that you’ve been dying to get answered, AskPat 2.0 is a great place to start.

1. Online Marketing Made Easy

Like the name suggests, Online Marketing Made Easy is a podcast that breaks down the complexity of the ever-changing digital marketing industry, translating it into easy-to-understand language.

Covering everything from social media, blogging, and more advanced marketing techniques, she presents her knowledge like a well-researched essay complete with hard evidence and expert commentary.

Honorable Mention

Copyblogger FM

If online marketing is important for your business, then being able to write strong marketing messages (see: copywriting) is vital.

Copyblogger FM is a weekly podcast hosted by Sonia Simone, a writer, marketer, and co-founder of Rainmaker Digital. Throughout the podcast, Simone delves into the essence of effective copy, how to write it, and most importantly, how to distribute it effectively.

Final Thoughts

A little self-study can go a long way in pushing your business forward. Give one of these podcasts a listen during your morning commute, or the next time you hit the gym. See if you can pick up something useful. And if you can’t, it may be time to start thinking about working with a full-time marketing agency.

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bring you better visibility and sales, just ask.

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