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Help Your Business By Stopping These 5 Social Media Mistakes


Mistakes are painful; especially when they lead to thousands of dollars down the drain on a failed social media marketing strategy.

“Followers” and “likes,” are great, but the “money metrics” are leads, conversions, and dollars in your pocket.

Social media marketing at its best will make your wallet FATTER, not thinner.

If you’re ready to put more dollars in your pocket, then Help Your Business By Stopping These 5 Social Media Mistakes.

Mistake #1 — Automating Your Social Media Strategy

When you’re busy running a business, you don’t have time to update your social media accounts all day, which is why conventional wisdom says “automate your social media strategy.”

But here’s the problem: when you automate your social media presence, that presence will start to feel fake. Your followers (a.k.a. potential customers) will pick up on that “fakeness” and feel disconnected from your brand.

They’ll stop reading your posts. They’ll stop watching your videos. They’ll stop hearing your message.

And when your marketing dollars fall on deaf ears, you’ve got a problem.

Here’s The Fix:

Don’t automate—outsource. Use an agency or consultant to take social media marketing off your hands. Rather than letting a robot decide what to post and when to post, put your social media profiles in the hands of humans who know how to react to industry updates, start a discussion, and encourage social engagement.

Mistake #2 - Creating Posts that Focus on the “Sale,” Instead of Focusing on Education or Entertainment

Here’s an important truth:

People don’t use social media to be sold; they use it to be educated and entertained.

You need to offer real value—helpful insights your followers can use in their everyday lives.

The more value you deliver to your social media followers, the more successful you’ll be in building new relationships, engaging your existing audience, and connecting with potential customers.

And the more successful you are at connecting with potential customers, the more successful you’ll be at turning them into new customers.

Here’s the Fix:

Follow the advice given in the B2B Social Media Book, which states modern social media marketing should follow the 10-4-1 system of optimization. That means of 15 posts, 10 should be shares of external material, 4 should be shares of your own content, and only 1 should be a direct sales message.

Mistake #3 - Focusing on “Likes” and “Followers”

When marketing on social media, it’s easy to obsess about “likes” and “follows.”

And though “likes” and “follows” can increase your post's visibility on your follower’s timelines, they aren’t the end-all-be-all of social media success. In fact, shares, comments, and post reactions hold a lot more weight than a like or follow because they signify engagement.

Here’s The Fix:

Use social media posts to build your brand authority and drive people to your digital properties (company websites, blogs, products, etc.). If you have a newsletter, promote the benefits of being a subscriber every now and then on your social media profiles. Doing so over a long enough timeline will deliver value you can monetize.

Mistake #4 - Putting Branding Over Customer Service

35% of your prospects and customers will use social media to communicate with you, and 42% of them will expect an answer in 60 minutes or less...Which is an inconspicuous way of saying:

Social media is for customer service.

Your followers and prospects need to feel like they can reach out to you for help. Make yourself open to their questions, their comments, and deliver a stellar customer service experience via social media to separate yourself from the competition.

Here’s the Fix:

In response to problems, criticisms, and issues, don’t delete negative comments. Be respectful and genuinely try to solve the problem. If you do so quickly, you’ll turn an inflamed customer into your greatest advocate.

Mistake #5 - Failing to Track the Metrics That Matter

You’re generating “likes” on your LinkedIn ads…

And you’re seeing comments on your sponsored post on Facebook…

But are you seeing any clicks, any sales, or any revenue from those ads? Those are the metrics that matter.

Here’s the Fix:

First, ask yourself what you want to accomplish?

Is it more sales from Facebook ads? More leads from LinkedIn? More landing page visits from Twitter?

When you define what you want to accomplish in no uncertain terms, implement a system to track the relevant statistics on a daily basis.

If you don’t have time to track the relevant statistics yourself, partner with a reliable third-party like a trusted marketing agency or an independent social media specialist.

Final Thoughts

Social media is a powerful tool for business development, but only when it’s properly wielded.

Fixing the aforementioned mistakes might not transform your business entirely, but they’ll get you moving in the right direction toward the success you want.

If you’re ready to learn how adept social media marketing can deliver dollars to your pocket, don’t hesitate to ask a question.

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